Preparing Your Garage For Spring

Spring is the perfect time to take a look at your garage and get ready for the season ahead. Getting organized now will free up space, save you headaches later on, and help you make use of all that potential storage! From sweeping out last year's debris to finding smart storage solutions, we are here to give you tips on how to prepare your garage for spring - so set aside some time in your schedule, and let's get started on creating an efficient and inviting environment!


1. Clean the Garage From Top to Bottom, Removing All the Junk That Has Been Piling Up

Cleaning your garage from top to bottom is a daunting task, but it is made easier by tackling the smaller tasks one at a time. Begin by sweeping away the dust and dirt that have collected over time. Dust and dirt particles can settle in every nook and cranny, so try to filter even the tightest spaces with a dry sweep and then finish off with a wet mop if necessary. After that you can begin hauling out all of the junk that has been growing over time - an old bike in need of repair, broken furniture, piles of newspapers, fashion gone and forgotten - all taking up precious garage space. Dispose of whatever cannot be reused responsibly and remember to take frequent breaks for your own well-being too! Cleaning the garage from top to bottom may be tough work, but in the end it will be worth the improvement on organization and usable space.


2. Inspect the Garage Door and Repair Any Damage That Was Caused Over the Winter

The garage door of your home deserves the same attention and care that you would dedicate to your roof or interior space. After a cold winter, it is important to inspect it for any damages caused by weather, moisture or other factors. If you can take on small repairs yourself, that is a great way to save some money. However, if more serious issues are identified, it is best to contact a professional garage door repairman for help. With their specialized tools and expertise, it is much easier to get the garage door inspected and repaired quickly and safely.


3. Install New Weatherstripping Around the Doorframe to Keep Out Bugs and Pests

Adding weatherstripping to garage door frames is a simple, economical way to keep out common bugs and pests. Weatherstripping is a durable material that can be added quickly and easily around the garage door, creating an effective barrier against insects, rodents, and other pests. In addition to providing protection against pests, weatherstripping also helps keep out dust and debris while also reducing energy costs by improving garage insulation. So take a few minutes before spring and install some new weatherstripping around that garage door frame - it is sure to pay off in the long run!


4. Check the Lighting and Replace Any Bulbs That are Burnt Out

As the temperatures start to rise in the spring, it is a great time to take a look at your garage lighting. Make sure all of the bulbs are working so that you can have adequate light for any projects you plan on tackling in the garage. If a bulb is burnt out, replace it right away – they are inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores. A well-lit garage can make any project much easier and also keep you safe from potential accidents.


5. Organize Everything Into Labeled Boxes or Bins, Making it Easier to Find What You Need

An organized garage can make a big difference in finding the items you need when you need them. By carefully labeling storage boxes and bins, all your garage items will be easy to find without searching through full shelves or containers. This saves time in the long run and helps eliminate unnecessary clutter in the garage. It is also a great way of keeping track of what garage items are available, making sure you do not purchase duplicates. Lastly, organizing your stuff and loading it into bins can help to keep pests from infiltrating and destroying your items. Overall, organizing your garage with labeled boxes and bins provides a much more efficient system for garage storage and organization!


6. Add a Few Plants or Flowers to Brighten Up the Space

If you want to add life and vibrancy to your garage, why not consider adding a few plants or flowers? Just a touch of greenery can make all the difference in how your garage looks and feels. Plants do not need to take up too much space and time, as there are plenty of low-maintenance varieties that thrive with only minimal care. Brighten up the garage by repurposing old containers and displaying house plants on shelves or hanging them from the ceiling using macramé hangers for an extra special look. As well as looking attractive, plants have many other benefits such as cleansing the air around them and creating a pleasant atmosphere.


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Lonnie is a subject matter expert concerning all things garage doors! He’s absolutely the best garage door repairman I’ve used to date. A clear, concise, transparent business model with the warranty to back his work. I highly recommend this local, small business veteran for all future garage door installations and repair.

~ Seth Thomas

Lonny came out in the evening to look at my old garage door that was janky at best. He gave me options of what he could do to make it better, including installing safety cables that were missing. In the end, I decided a replacement was my best choice. He installed it on a Saturday and did a fantastic job. He kept me updated throughout the day as the project went on. I don’t write reviews very often but wanted to tell others how impressed I was. The pricing was very fair I am very happy with the product.

In these troubling times of deceitful business practices and double talk, it is a Blessing to know that honest (Godly) people still exist. To state that Love Garage Doors does excellent work is not enough. If you choose to ask Lonnie "silly" questions, he will patiently take time to smile and give you answers and good ideas. His prices are competitive and his work is steady and true. He sets the bar high for others who compete!

~ Peggy Miles

Totally professional, terrific pricing and great expertise. No hidden charges. I had a complete garage door motor replaced, installation of a keypad and new clickers and new wall button. Lonnie explained every part of the process beforehand and when he left after only a couple of short hours - everything worked perfectly. I'm thrilled. Great company. Thanks again. You guys rock.

~ Tammey Stubbs

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Our spring broke on our garage door and we were able to get it fixed quickly and professionally on a Saturday! We recommend Love Garage Doors!
I first called Lonnie to install 4 large overhead doors on our new shop. He was always on time, hard working and prices very fair. He take his trade serious and knows all for garage doors. This last week after a late dinner out, the 18x7 on the house broke a torsion spring. Call Lonnie and he came over, went to the store for new springs and did it in short order. Again a very fair price and a happy customer.
Bob Mullen
Bob Mullen
The service was professional, prompt, and Informative. I now know what to expect from an older system. Could not have asked for more. Love Garage Doors gets a ten-plus rating and is number one in my book.
Matt Allred
Matt Allred
Lonnie is a very genuine and professional individual. I felt that he had treated me as if I was part of his Family. Very reasonable on the price and did not hesitate to come out and get our garage door working the same day I called. Excellent Service / Highly Recommend / Very Knowledgeable SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS
S Parsons
S Parsons
Lonnie is very personable and easy to work with. Great customer service and took the time to explain things to me so I knew what he was doing and got a better understanding of how everything works. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again Love Garage Doors!!
Rita Jack
Rita Jack
Lonnie was great needed garage door and opener replaced, his prices was great very comparable and reasonable. Lonnie explained everything thing we needed to know about new door and opener warranty. He knows what he is doing also professional and knowledgeable. Great and friendly customer service. Love my new garage door/opener I would highly recommend Love Garage Doors. If I could give him 10 stars I would.
Lonnie did such a great job repairing our garage door. You could tell he knew what he was doing and was going to do the job right. Our garage door is original to our 1950s home and he had no problem fixing it right up! His prices were very reasonable and he’s a very nice guy. Highly recommend.
Rudy Garcia
Rudy Garcia
Woke up early to a broken garage door spring, unable to get the cars out of the garage. I called and was able to schedule a repair within a few hours even though it was before 6 AM. Direct price quote over the phone, too. Great customer service. Lonnie is very knowledgeable in his craft and answered any questions I had. Definitely recommend Love Garage Doors.
Roxie Brotsky
Roxie Brotsky
We needed a repair done on our garage door and called Lonnie at Love Garage Doors. He came to our home at the scheduled time and did the repair. Lonnie was prompt, polite and competent. We will contact him if we are ever in need of another repair and we would recommend him to anyone.
Aaron Baker
Aaron Baker
GREAT service. Came same day, no questions asked. Worked on my door to solve the problem, rather than just offering a “new door” to fix the issue. I greatly appreciated the honest suggestions, feedback, and courteous service. I would not hesitate to call Love’s again in the future. If I have a door issue, you can bet they’ll be my first call.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A New Garage Door?

Like any other home maintenance service like a new roof, your budget is one of the first things you want to consider when choosing a new garage door.

Why Should A Professional Install Your Door?

A professional knows the best qualities of a garage door and which features will work best for your home. Love Garage Doors, LLC works tirelessly to get the garage door tailored for your situation. We’re experts at garage door installation. We can reprogram openers, replace broken springs, and reattach cables when needed. When you want safe and quality garage door installation services, look no further; we have 25 years of mechanical experience.

Love Garage Doors in Wichita, Kansas has the equipment, skills, and experience to get quality results every time. We're not finished until each customer's needs have been met. We’re a good, old-fashioned, locally-owned business that still believes in making friends with customers. Contact us at (316) 409-7313 to request an estimate.

Do you need a new garage door for your home or business? Before installing residential or commercial garage doors, a few things to consider are the door type, the material, the style, and, lastly, your budget. You should hire a professional for the installation process because it can be dangerous.

Our company services Wichita, KS, and the surrounding communities. More importantly, our customers trust Love Garage Doors, LLC. We only provide quality garage door repair and installation services. Also, we work with trusted manufacturers to provide our customers with the best quality garage doors and door products.

Our trained and experienced team safely installs garage doors that exceed customer expectations. The goal is to help our customers enhance the look and functionality of their homes or businesses, plus save money in the long run by offering the best garage installation services.

At Love Garage Door, LLC., we understand how choosing the best garage door, garage door opener, and other parts can be stressful. That’s why we will work with you every step of the way combining your preference and expertise.

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