Wichita Garage door services

Love Garage Doors ServicesWichita Garage door services, maintenance, repair, and installation are provided by Love GarageDoors, LLC in and around Wichita, KS. We all know that garage doors are one of many parts of a home that needs to be maintained. In fact, homeowners really appreciate garage doors when they work. Getting in and out of your home with the click of a remote rather than having to manually lift a garage door saves a great deal of time and is more convenient. If you have a garage door opener, one day you may need a garage door professional. Openers can begin to show signs of age after about nine years after Installment.

Many of us know that house garage doors have become America’s "new front door" because of their functionality and style. To complement various architectural styles, there are garage doors for your home in wood, steel, fiberglass, vinyl, and even glass.

As garage door professionals there are a few things to consider before replacing or installing residential garage doors: the color, the garage usage, the style, and lastly, your budget. Steel and wood being the most popular materials.

So, is it safe to repair a garage door by yourself? It is highly recommended that you hire a professional for the installation process because it can be dangerous.

The type of doors we sell are sectional, overhead doors. Each door type operates with or without an Opener. And they operate best under all climates and conditions. For example, swing doors are less effective for harsh winter conditions than overhead doors because snowdrifts will prevent them from opening.

Some types of garage doors we install include:

  • Modern garage door style
  • Traditional garage door style
  • Designer garage door style
  • Premium garage door style

And depending on your preferences, accessories such as Openers, doorstop, and decorative hardware can be added to your garage door.

Love Garage Doors, LLC is your Wichita Garage Door Repair professionals.

As a professional garage door company, we guarantee our workmanship and services with a robust warranty. We also cover all products we install to complete the job with a full manufacturer's warranty. Whether it's a garage door, Opener, Spring,  or any other hardware, we got you covered.

At Love Garage Doors, LLC, our Wichita Garage Door Repair service team will fix most garage doors and accessories that have malfunctioned. For example, we repair or replace the following but not limited to:

  • Bent Tracks
  • Broken Torsion Springs
  • Faulty Garage Door Openers
  • Broken/Bent Panels
  • Missing Rollers
  • Garage door not opening or closing
  • Jammed Emergency Release
  • Overhead Door off track
  • Broken or frayed Cables
  • Broken Extension Springs

If the garage door paint system becomes damaged, exposing bare metal, a paint repair will be necessary to prevent rust from forming in that area. You can lightly sand the area using light to medium sandpaper to remove any rust that may have formed. Then wipe the area with a clean rag.  Only then should you apply a high quality, rust-inhibiting primer. Finally,  after waiting for the specified time on the primer instructions, proceed to paint.

If this sounds like too much work, the alternative is to ask a professional. We are here to help get your garage door back to its original state! So allow our Wichita garage door company to recommend the best painting services for your garage door. This will give you the sense of satisfaction of knowing that it's done properly.

Wichita Garage Door Opener Repair

In Wichita Garage doors may some times not operate properly due to several issues with the Opener:

  1. If neither the Remote Control nor Wall Button operates the Opener— The first check to verify the Opener has power. It may have a simple bad connection.
  2. If neither the Remote Control nor Wall Button operates the Opener—The next things you can try are  moving closer to the door, replacing the battery, and reprogramming the remote and/or keypad.
  3. Door Won’t Close All the Way — The close-limit switch or safety sensors may need adjusting. Make sure the close limit switch is not loose, damaged, and properly plugged in. Also, check the sight path between the safety eye sensors to verify there isn't an obstruction by anything. Lastly, the Opener's travel limits may need to be reset.
  4. Garage Door Reverses Before Closing Completely — Make sure the safety eyes have no interference to prevent this problem.
  5. Door Reverses Immediately After Touching the Floor — In small increments, adjust the close-limit adjustment screw on the opener motor until the door stops after hitting the floor. If your opener is equipped with a limit switch, adjust the limit switch closest to the door in small increments away from the door.
  6. Garage Door Doesn’t Open in Winter — look for the up force screw on the opener unit and adjust in small increments accordingly. If your opener doesn't have an adjustment, this problem could be a sign the circuit board, also known as the motherboard, could be shorting out. Also, checking to see if the base of the door is frozen to the ground can sometimes solve the problem if your opener doesn't have enough horsepower to break the ice.

If neither of the solutions above work for your door opener problem, it is best to consult a professional. You can rely on our repair services for garage door openers in the Wichita area.

Wichita Garage Door Spring Repair

If maintained routinely, a garage door spring can last an average of 10,000 cycles. Also, this part is suggested to be replaced every 5–7 years because it is one of the most fragile parts of a garage door and is subjected to enormous pressure as the garage door opens and closes.

DO NOT try fixing this by yourself, it can be dangerous and life-threatening.

Many homeowners may look at the signs that their garage door springs need an adjustment and think that this is surely a task they can attempt on their own, but adjusting garage door springs can be extremely dangerous. In case you didn't know, garage door springs hold a lot of tension, and if they are improperly dealt with, they can cause serious injuries.

How do you know it’s time to adjust your garage door springs? In most cases, the spring will either break or show signs of deformity depending on your type of spring you have. It’s possible that the springs are worn out and need to be replaced when your garage door opener starts struggling to open the door, or when you begin to find that it feels very heavy to raise by hand.

Replacing garage door springs is a job that many homeowners leave to a garage door specialist, as the springs are under significant pressure. If you don’t know what you’re doing, they may result in significant injury. I knew of one gentleman who had broken his arm by a spring. Hence, why you should contact a local garage door specialist.

Love Garage Doors, LLC is a full-service garage door company. Just a few of the spring services we offer are:

  • Torsion spring replacement.
  • Extension spring replacement.
  • Recalibrations due to time or faulty installation.
  • Extension to torsion spring conversion.

Our clients can confidently put their trust in our 30 plus years of mechanical and garage door experience. Call now and we can have your garage door working as good as new. And we always put your safety and satisfaction first in these Covid-19 times.

Wichita Garage Door Replacement and New Construction Installation

If your garage door is in decent shape but simply not working properly, the easiest approach is to repair it. However, in some cases, you’ll need to replace the garage door due to excessive rotting, corrosion, rusting, cracks, or damaged sections. These may compromise your safety and depreciate your home's value and curb appeal.

Also, if your opener and car clicker (transmitter) are more than 9 years old, it could be time for a replacement. Older openers can lose their ability to distinguish between your car clicker signal and your neighbors. So, when your neighbor opens their garage door with their car clicker, it can actually open your door causing massive security issues.

Before buying a sectional garage door, you should measure the height and width of the opening to see if you need an off-the-shelf or a custom size.
Most stock sectional doors cover openings 7 to 8 feet high and 9 to 16 feet wide.

Garage doors (overhead doors) for bigger openings, doors with special colors, and doors with thicker R-Values will, in most cases, need to be custom-built. Special orders take at least two weeks to arrive and can take as long as six weeks due to Coronavirus complications. It's always best to consult with one of our pros to get the fastest turnaround.

Buying a new garage door is a big investment. So call today and let our team guide you through the buying process. We will walk you through each step to make the process easy and enjoyable. As soon as the same day Love Garage Doors, LLC  can have your new door picked up and expertly installed by one of our friendly technicians. Installation takes about half a day.

Installing a Steel Insulated Garage Door

Before you start, verify that you have all the parts and materials required as well as enough headroom, backroom, and side room to install the door. Allow enough time to complete the installation. You might be wondering; how long does it take to install a garage door? Removing an existing door takes one to three hours for someone who has never done it before, and the actual installation time is nine to twelve hours.

If your planning to paint the door, we recommend allowing six to eight hours of drying time if the paint system is oil-based. If the paint system is a latex-based paint system, you should allow 1 hour for drying before beginning installation. Your garage door can be painted with a high quality 100% acrylic latex (flat, satin, or semi-gloss) exterior grade paint.

Some recommend garage doors, particularly when using darker colors and when the door is in direct sunlight or a high heat/high UV light condition, should be painted with solar reflective paint when possible. This will help to reflect more sunshine which makes the door surface cooler.

Wooden garage doors require periodic recoating to prevent premature decay. Some say that steel garage doors only need repainting if it begins to show signs of rust. Fiberglass and vinyl can be painted if they fade and glass, of course, only needs an occasional washing.

Parts & materials for all your Installation needs are provided by Love Garage Doors, LLC, Your local Wichita Garage Door Services Company

  • Panel Sections
  • Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Brackets
  • Vertical and Horizontal Rail Tracks
  • Torsion and Extension Springs
  • Garage Door Openers

At Love Garage Doors our Wichita garage door installation services are quick and professional. So give us a call for a free no-obligation garage door service estimate.

Our Professional Garage Door Installation Process Includes

  1. Prep the bottom panel by attaching any necessary rollers and hinges.
  2. Center the bottom panel door in the garage door opening and align the vertical tracks with the rollers.
  3. Attach lag screws into the brackets to hold the tracks in place. Don’t make them too tight in case you need to make adjustments later.
  4. Continue to prep the other panels with rollers and hinges, adding each panel to the garage opening.
  5. Once the three sections are together, level the third row.
  6. Install the horizontal track, making sure it is level in the back.
  7. From the front of the garage, make sure the alignment is even, making any necessary adjustments. Tighten all the screws.
  8. Install the torsion spring and bar evenly across the header. This spring absorbs the weight of the door when it’s going up and down. Use set screws provided to hold the moving parts in place.
  9. Install the garage door opener.
  10. Open and close the door to test its functionality.

How much does a Garage Door Installation Cost?

At Love Garage Doors, LLC, your Wichita Garage Door Services company, we know that many factors go into your garage door’s overall cost. Wood doors are usually more costly than doors made of steel. Also, compared to a non-insulated door, expect to pay more for an insulated door. Depending on your location, rates differ as well.

Homeowners can spend a total of between $470 and $8,000 on a new garage door. As a matter of fact, most homeowners spend an alleged $992 on a new sectional steel door. With the national average allegedly at $500 to $2,000.

Should you insulate your Garage Door?

Installing an energy-efficient garage door is one way to save energy in your home. Not only does it save energy, but it can also increase the value of your home. To learn more on whether to insulate your garage door or not, check with one of our trained professionals concerning energy-efficient garage doors.

Wichita Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors require regular inspection, cleaning, and lubrication. In fact, we recommend inspecting for loose or bent hinges, broken wheels, worn-out bearings, loose or missing bolts, and screws at least twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. Also check for cracks on the door panels, worn cables, cracked glass, missing or broken door handles, and tears or gaps in the bottom weather seal or perimeter seal. Also, don't forget to check the door balance and operation. Finally, lubricate all the moving parts of the door at least twice a year.

If your too busy and not sure of the process, you can always contact our Love Garage Doors, LLC. Your local Wichita Garage Door professionals.

Something to remember, Garage doors should be cleaned at least twice a year or four times a year for harsh environments such as coastal regions and areas with high humidity.

Garage Door Safety & Tips

A sectional garage door is a large, heavy object that moves with the help of springs under high tension. Springs, bottom brackets, cables, and associated hardware are under high tension and can cause death, serious injuries, or damage to the door if not properly handled. For your safety and the safety of others, follow these instructions.


  • Operate a door with a broken spring.
  • Loosen or remove the bottom brackets with the spring tension engaged.
  • Operate the door if it is too difficult to move, opens too quickly, or the rollers come out of the track.
  • Manually operate the garage door if handles are not installed or functioning properly.
  • Operate the door if glass or interior window retainer appears to be loose, cracked, or warped. DO NOT remove screws on the inside retainer.

For assistance with these maintenance steps, repair, or replacement of any parts, please contact a professional installer.

Remember garage door maintenance requires a skilled professional to get the job done properly and safely the first time. Call Love Garage Doors, LLC for all your garage door needs. We are your local Wichita Garage Door Professionals. Reach us 24/7 at (316) 409-7313 or (316) 260-8049.