How To Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage 

Are you dealing with an unexpected feathered visitor in your garage? Pigeons, sparrows, and other small birds can tear up insulation and make themselves at home if they get trapped. Not to mention, they can be pretty spooked when they cannot find their way out. However, getting them out of the garage safely can be challenging. Learning how to remove these stubborn guests is essential for keeping your home free from unwanted guests. In this blog post, we will guide you through the entire process of getting a bird out of your garage.

1. If The Bird is Injured, Call a Wildlife Rehabilitator for Help

Wild birds often get injured and while it might be normal to find them in a state of distress, it is important to embrace caution when attempting to help them. If you find an injured bird that has taken up residence in your garage, do not attempt to take on the task of helping it yourself — instead, call a wildlife rehabilitator for the bird's optimal care. They will have both the expertise and knowledge to determine if the bird needs medical treatment or nutritional support, so giving them a ring can be vital for the bird's life and health. Furthermore, wildlife rehabilitators also attend to lost birds that need help finding their way back home — something you will not be able to provide without specialized training. Unquestionably, calling on a wildlife rehabilitator is the best thing you can do when you come across an injured bird.

2. If the Bird is Not Injured, Try to Lure it Out of the Garage With Food

As we mentioned, if you find a bird trapped in the garage, it is important to assess if the bird is injured or not. If it is uninjured and just needs help getting out, one of the best ways to help it find its way out is by luring the bird out with food. Place birdseed close to the entrance of the garage and keep far enough away from the doorway so that it will be encouraged to venture out. Do not throw food from outside into the garage, as this could startle and frighten the bird even further. Giving the bird some time and incentive may be all it needs for it to gain some confidence and make its escape on its own accord.

3. Lure The Bird Outside With Bright Colors

If you have a bird in your garage and you wish to lure it out, another great way to do so is with bright colors. Many bird species are attracted to vibrant shades of color, such as red or yellow, and will likely be intrigued enough to come closer. You could try hanging up a colorful bird feeder right outside your garage door, with bits of food spread around it for added appeal. If done correctly, these vibrant colors may be just what you need to persuade the bird to fly out from the house and into the natural world again.

4. Open Doors and Windows Leading Into or Out of the Garage

If you find yourself with unexpected feathered guests in your garage, creating an escape route is a great way to help them on their journey. By opening the garage door and windows within without turning on any lights, you can let a gentle stream of sunlight be a guide for our avian friends to make it out safely. After providing some time for these little birds navigate through this new light-filled doorway, if they have not made much progress yet - try making small noises to give that extra nudge towards freedom!

5. Use a Broom or a Long Stick to Guide the Bird Towards an Open Door or Window

If you have found a bird in your garage and need to help it out, a broom or a long stick can quickly come in handy. Carefully use the tool to gently guide the bird towards an open door or window without actually making contact with it. To give the bird space and to avoid startle it, keep yourself at a distance as much as possible. A rake might also be helpful for this endeavor as it allows you to extend your reach while still giving you control of the bird's movements. If done properly, this simple trick can free them back into their environment so they can enjoy their freedom once again.

6. Remember, Removing a Bird From Your Garage Will Take Patience 

Removing a bird from your garage can be a difficult process that requires patience. First, you will want to try to create an environment in which the bird feels safe, such as removing any sources of irritation like light and noise. Once the bird has settled down, slowly open the garage door and windows to give it an opportunity to fly out. You can also put food or water outside the entrance so the bird has a better chance of flying away on its own. If this does not work, try calling animal control for assistance. No matter how hard it might seem, there is always hope for getting rid of the bird - just remember to hold onto your patience!

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