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Wichita Garage Doors (Love Garage Doors, LLC) offers many parts and services when it comes to garage doors.

Installation Tips from Garage Door Installation Specialists

When installing a new garage door, be sure to remove the screws, bolts, brackets, and additional holding materials because if the consumer has a garage door that needs to be replaced with a new one, they would need to disconnect everything before installing a new door. However, if there is no garage door installed, get all the materials needed to install a garage door which includes having available a screwdriver, bolts, screws, bars, chains, opener mechanism, sensors, brackets, cables, etc.

Not only would you have to disconnect everything if the door was in need of a repair but the interior of the garage door has a motor which is for both electric and manual switches and also includes a long bar with an axle on both sides of the door left and right. When installing the door, make sure that these two sides both left and right are in complete balance and alignment with each other because if they are not in alignment even for a centimeter, the entire garage will not open correctly when commanded to open. The garage itself when viewed from the inside has a lot of moving parts and can seem difficult for some people at first glance.


The cost to install and or if needed, buy a garage door itself can be expensive. Whether it’s a garage door in Wichita, or somewhere else in Kansas the door(s) have to be repaired or installed. According to The Home Depot website, the installation of a single garage door costs around $1,200 while a second door costs double the amount of a single for $2,400. The installation fee if they choose to have Home Depot install is about $375. In total, the entire amount of the single door to double garage door standalone with the installation from Home Depot would be about $1575 for single and about $2,775.

Weight And Size Of A General Garage Door

As Wichita Garage Door specialists we know that a single-car door with insulation weighs from 90 pounds to as heavy as 160 pounds. A standard residential single car garage door itself is a medium-size door and can be in a square or rectangular format in addition to being approximately from 8 to 9 feet in width and 7 to 8 feet in height. The height and the width of the door along with the door’s size need to be measured in accordance with the dimensions of the house’s garage space. The garage space has to be big enough to hold the garage door and to have enough room to open and close the door without any damages.

The dimensions itself for the door need to be measured ahead of time and they need to be exactly correct so that the door will fit perfectly and will not be too wide or too small for the frame of the garage itself. When installing the door, make sure that there is enough space to have the electronic or manual mechanism to function otherwise if you park a car in the garage but you do not have enough space when installing the door, you cannot get out of the garage. Always make sure you have the dimensions and the space needed to have a fully functional working garage with an electronic opener or if preferred, space for a manual opener so that if you lift up the gate, you do not bump into the car’s hood or damage any other machinery or items in the garage when opened fully.

Other Information Pertaining To Wichita Garage Doors Installations

Garage doors are very heavy and big to install. The level of difficulty that one may expect when attempting to install the door is medium difficulty at best. The difficulty of the task itself is medium because it is not a one-person job seeing as it is a big door that needs at least two or more people to stabilize before installing the door mainly due to the strength needed to carry the door info position and to lift and install the door into the brackets and hinges so when opened, does not fall out of place or break.

As Wichita Garage Doors experts we know that it requires two or more people for assistance in installing a heavy garage door, the installation would normally take a full day to install a garage door but if there are more than two people helping, it may reduce the time needed to install the door. Be advised that even if there are two or more people assisting the installation, it could take more than a day to replace the door or install it directly depending on weather or health conditions.