Garage Panel Repair

At Love Garage Doors, LLC we service and repair all Residential Garage Doors Panels. If your Garage Door is not working right or not working at all, sometimes the problem is not so obvious, and takes a Garage Door Company to make a proper diagnosis. If you would like to avoid costly Garage Door Replacements, then here are a few things to consider. 

Multiple Garage Door Panel Issues

In some cases, one or more of your Garage Door Panels can be the problem. Garage Door Panels will inevitably get old and cause a degradation of performance, and if left unaddressed,  can be dangerous. 

Some obvious things to look for are missing or worn rollers, loose or missing hinges, bent or rusted panels, worn or loose Garage Door Cable Brackets, an unusual amount of squeaking, popping, and/or jumping while the door is in operation …

These are just a few things to watch for that are indicators your garage door panel repair is needed and when you should consider calling a garage door professional. Remember, Garage Doors can be dangerous when not properly maintained, serviced, or installed! Please call us at Love Garage Doors, LLC for all your Garage Door needs. 

Cost of Repair & Replacement:

  • Garage Door Openers w/Replacement – $293
  • Torsion Springs w/Replacement – $230
  • Extension Springs w/Replacement – $165
  • Garage Door Repair – starting at $30 thru $125
  • Garage Door w/Replacement – starting at $681.93 thru $2,280.69

Whether it’s a garage door issue, broken garage door components, or a service? Contact Love Garage Doors today!