When an Opener is eight years of age or older it can begin to deteriorate in performance. In fact, the first signs of trouble can be the circuit board malfunctioning. For instance, when trying to open or close the Garage Door with the Car Transmitter, it will sometimes not respond and sometimes it will. This can also be caused by a failing battery in the transmitter itself, but if you’ve already ruled out the battery then you might want to call Love Garage Doors, LLC for a professional and always free diagnosis. We service all makes and models, and when necessary, repair Openers as well. But, if your Opener is properly maintained, your more likely to avoid those costly repairs. 

Openers can fail and we service and repair all Residential Garage Doors!

Some other things to watch for that will indicate that you should probably call a Garage Door Company are loose and sagging belts and chains if the Garage Door is difficult to open manually after you have successfully disengaged the Opener using the emergency release cord if you hear a grinding noise in the Opener while in operation if your Garage Door opens by itself when your neighbor opens their Garage Door …

These are a few things to watch for that will indicate a need for a professional Garage Door Company like Love Garage Doors, LLC. Remember, working on a Garage Door can be dangerous, even if it’s just the Garage Door Opener.

Please contact one of our properly trained Garage Door Professionals for any and all of your Garage Door needs. 

Cost of Repair & Replacement:

  • Garage Door Openers w/Replacement – $293
  • Torsion Springs w/Replacement – $230
  • Extension Springs w/Replacement – $165
  • Garage Door Repair – starting at $30 thru $125
  • Garage Door w/Replacement – starting at $681.93 thru $2,280.69

Whether its a garage door issue, broken garage door components, or a service? Contact Love Garage Doors today!